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Monday, December 20, 2004

Today is Mudd Day.

Help! Does anyone know what this one is actually about?

bye design
In retrospect, it was probably a bad idea to name my blogpet after that real-life cat of mine that was heartlessly abandoned by my grand-aunt. Now, like its namesake, the blog cat is getting dumped, as it has failed to live up to its press. It was touted as something that would effectively 'read' my blog, and make comments in relation to it, but all it actually did was say things like "no change here" and "still the same". Oh, and make the same ten or so jokes over and over again. So, well, nice idea, developers, but until the cat improves, it has to stay outside the house, as it were.

Instead, here's a blinkie that amused me.

Meanwhile, I've finished another blog design, this one for Vin, who heroically suffered in silence with the old template, which I'm pretty sure was just not red enough for what he really wanted. I made his previous look back when I was just a baby at blog customization, so I'm pretty pleased now that I actually have the skills to make his blog all pretty and thematic-like.

Plus, it was a bit of a challenge to do, since men are usually harder for me to design for (You have to be careful to avoid--shudder--excessive girliness); and red is just a difficult color to work with if, like me, you favor a certain level of restraint in your design. I think it came out pretty nicely; you can check out My Life as a Bed here.

I'm really enjoying this design work, not least because it has actually helped me in both my professional copywriting and the occasional comics work. I find I'm able to think much more visually nowadays. Now, on to revamping Jonette's blog!
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