Contradiction in Terms
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Friday, December 17, 2004

Today is Wright Brothers Day.

That's wright, wrabbit.

casting your member
So there I was, leafing through the magazines at my ridiculously-overpriced new salon of choice (one of their draws, for me at least, is the quality of magazines available for persual) when I encountered this review on the Make Your Own Dildo Kit. Yes, folks, thanks to the miracle of science, you, too, can now make your very own replica of your favorite penis. All you need is the convenient set and a willing (and presumably pleasantly-shaped) volunteer.

It's actually not all that scientifically miraculous--basically, you get a mold that you form and allow to harden around said penis (after, um, ensuring the hardness of that, of course). Then you end up with a cast with which you can mold up to five rubber replicas.

I'm not entirely sure why anyone would need five copies of a penis which--having volunteered for insertion in cold, clammy molding material--is obviously readily available for utilization anyway. I can see the potential uses of one replica, mind you, but five?

Well, it is Christmastime. And they do say sharing is caring...
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