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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Today is Stay Home Because You're Well Day.

Reason enough for me!

wish list
I just found out from Kat's blog that people on Live Journal are now posting their Christmas wish lists. I've actually been doing this every year since I was about eight; pre-blog, I used to just tape it up on my bedroom door, on the pretext that it was there for 'Santa'. The real purpose, of course, was to make shopping a little easier for anyone who was planning to get me something anyway, and also to minimize the chances of me getting something dopey like yet another set of 'days-of-the-week' underpants from my maiden aunt.

(And just what is this thing with aunties and weekday underwear, anyway?)

The neat thing with the LJ version is that the point is supposed to be less about getting what you want, and more about the opportunity to fulfill someone else's Christmas wish, even if it's just by giving them a Friendster testimonial or passing on some secondhand item that may be worthless to you but priceless to them.

Of course, we all know I'm really a mercenary little bitch at heart, so let's not pretend I'm posting this with actual good intentions or anything... Kidding! Well, mostly kidding... Seriously, folks, go on and post your lists, and we'll see what I can do, okay? (I've volunteered to do Kat's blog layout, for instance!)

Nikki's List:
1. a connection cable thingie so I can hook my PC up with my Nokia 6230
2. a new, cute, small notebook (a little smaller than hand-size, as long as you're not Vin, who has huge hands) with nice ruled paper
3. a set of ink refills for my Inoxcrom fountain pen (only Php25 at National Bookstore!)
4. Philosophy Lemon Meringue three-in-one shampoo, conditioner & body wash (available at Beauty Bar)
5. a pair of excruciatingly simple dangly silver earrings to go with my elaborate silver bracelet
6. a tin of pate de foie gras, the ritzy kind from Santi's Deli
7. any Tim Powers novel that is not Earthquake Weather, The Anubis Gates, or Declare
8. a subscription to InStyle magazine
9. a roll of scalloped ecru lace for my DIY clothing embellishment projects
10. Acuvue or Acuvue Clear disposable contact lenses, grade 275
11. a gold locket pendant
12. a replica of the now-tarnished vermeil bracelet I inherited from my grandmother, this time done in gold and crystal

As you can see, my desires range from the utterly reasonable to the ridiculously overpriced, so those of you who are not Dean are fully expected to ignore items 11 and 12.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the reason there isn't more reading material on this list is because I never know I want 'em till I see 'em.

And yes, the Live Journal version specifies a list of only ten items, but I've always been an overachiever.
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