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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Today is Noodle Ring Day.

I don't think I even know what a noodle ring is.

fairy blogmother strikes again
I was actually shopping around for a background for Vin's new blog look (Shh! Don't tell him; it's supposed to be partly a Christmas/early, early birthday present), when I hit upon the cutest little fairy animation. Now I couldn't use it for Vin (Well, I could, but then he'd have to pretend to be happy about it while secretly shuddering with saccharine overload inside...), so it turned into a new template for Sage.

This has really all happened because I'm waiting for Kat to email me what she wants for her blog redesign (another Christmas present), though I don't really know why she wants one when her blog has just gotten a new look and looks perfectly cute. Anyway, the point is, I already put my Fairy Blogmother hat on (That's what my sister-in-law Jo calls me), so I had to do something.

I think it turned out to be the best blog work I've done so far. Check out Sagey's blog here.

You know, I think fairy godmothers wear hoods, not hats. Oh, well.

Grammar & Punctuation: traffic
Because it's the Christmas season, I've been hearing sentences like this one a lot: "It's very traffic." So to save my poor ears, let me just clarify: traffic is not an adjective, okay? It's a noun; therefore, we say:

"The traffic is terrible." or

"It's very trafficky today."

The latter, by the way, is a word that entered the etymology some time ago, but has only recently been included in dictionaries. So if you don't find it in your dictionary, it means your version isn't current enough, and you need to get the new version that actually includes the word 'blog'.

Have a traffic-free day! (Yup, that one's an adjective.)
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