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Friday, January 23, 2004

Thanks to Jason's recommendation, I've become a fan of those Oishi Natural potato chips. As I was scarfing a big bag of the stuff down yesterday over a good book (which is fairly close to my idea of heaven, by the way), I noticed a little indication on the back that reads, "size: PFL". Which of course made me wonder what 'PFL' means. Could it actually stand for 'Pretty Fuckin Large'?

out in the weird world
Seven months ago, an Englishman named Stephen Gough set out on a 900-mile trek across the United Kingdom, determined to finish the journey as he began it-- stark naked. Gough, 44, decided to undertake the au naturel excursion "as a human rights protest to celebrate the human form, and to try and convince the public to stop being paranoid about the naked body". Over the course of his trek, Gough has been arrested numerous times, made several court appearances, and served two jail sentences. He reached the end of his journey yesterday, clad only in socks, walking boots, and a khaki fisherman's hat.

Who was superspy James Bond named after?

answer to yesterday's question
The Pinatubo chicken is a mutant crossbreed genetically engineered from a native Philippine hen and a French rooster. It's supposed to be a 'superchicken' because it can grow to a weight of six kilos after being fed on nothing but grass for as little as six months. Even more super is the fact that Pinatubo roosters can mate with an average of ten hens in a single day. What's mildly alarming, however, is that these chickens are carnivorous (!); their eggs have to be hatched in an incubator because the adults have a distressing tendency to eat their own young.
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