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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

A little-known fact about me is that I'll eat nearly anything, so long as it's (a) not actually alive, and (b) technically categorized as food. (You know, like I won't eat steel, for example. Do I look like Matter-Eater Lad to you?) So far, the list of weird things I've tried include cow brains, lizard meat (adobong bayawak), deer pate, sheep intestines, and ostrich jerky. That doesn't even count the weirdnesses native to the Philippines, like blood stew (dinuguan) and various dishes made of animal body parts like ears, cheeks, tongues, eyes, feet, rear ends, and all kinds of innards. The only thing I actually shied away from was crayfish, and this is only because it was the kind of restaurant where you choose the creature they're going to cook for you. After I had picked mine out, the damned thing actually wriggled off the counter and made a break for freedom! I had to let it live after that...

And no, they don't all taste like chicken.

Why is your middle finger the longest finger on your hand? (And no, it's not just so you can make rude gestures.)

answer to yesterday's question
Somewhat disappointingly, hot dogs are not, in fact, made from dogs, human beings, or any other such titillatingly horrific ingredients. Instead, they're made out of perfectly normal meats like pork, beef, chicken, or turkey; plus herbs, seasonings, egg whites, animal fat, and some kind of starchy filler like flour, oatmeal, or bread crumbs. This concoction is then ground together and stuffed into either animal intestines or synthetic cellulose casings. (Well, okay, that sounds suitably disgusting...) The resulting sausages are then tossed into boiling water for 15 minutes and voila! There you go. The original recipe was created either by someone from Frankfurt, or by a butcher named Johann Georghehner from Coburg, Germany. (Good thing they didn't name it after him!)
Who knew that Vin knew so much about hot dogs?
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