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Saturday, January 17, 2004

return of fire in Return of the King
Just wanted to point out the amusing artillery exchange I noticed while watching the movie last week. This occurred during the big battle at Minas Tirith.

OPENING SALVO: Orcs fling heads of defeated warriors of Gondor into the city. Minas Tirith does not respond.
SECOND SALVO: Perhaps feeling neglected, orcs and trolls catapult boulders into the city, destroying much of Minas Tirith's lovely masonry.
THIRD SALVO: Incensed, Minas Tirith tosses said masonry right back at the offending orcs and trolls.
FOURTH SALVO: Upping the ante, orcs respond with flaming missiles.
FIFTH SALVO: Minas Tirith claims decisive victory of the one-up-manship by tossing out its steward, in flames and everything. Maybe they didn't hit the enemy forces with him, but hey, it's the thought that counts.

What curious holiday is celebrated (or, perhaps more appropriately, not celebrated) on January 16?

answer to yesterday's question:
Trinidad Tecson, Valeriana Elises y Palma, Agueda Kahabagan, and Teresa Magbanua were all Katipuneras who fought with rifle, bolo, tooth and nail on the battlefield right alongside their male counterparts. Agueda Kahabagan was the only recorded female general of the Katipunan armed forces, and Teresa Magbanua is said to have been an even better rider and marksman than many of her male colleagues.

Congratulations to Jason for getting it right!
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