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Friday, January 09, 2004

my first word balloon
Look, look! I dared the hazards of photoshop and managed something that looks recognizeable enough. (Sage is reminding me of the tasks on my 'to-do' list.) Obviously, I have to get some decent fonts-- not to mention figure out how to do thought balloons and all kinds of whoop-de-do-- but it's a start!

reading the menu, eating at home
In the past two days, I've watched about 16 episodes of the TV series Alias on DVD. Not so much because it's a great show (although it is), but because I have this mammoth crush on Michael Vartan, who plays Agent Vaughn. In fact, although each episode is less than an hour, it's probably taken me more than 16 hours of viewing, because I have to play back the truly stellar Vaughn scenes and just ogle.

Dean, for his part, has a major mad-on for uber-babe Aubrey Miles. I don't understand his crush, and he doesn't understand my crush, which is probably the way it should be. Anyway, the point is, neither of us has a problem with the other one having some fun enjoying a nice, harmless fantasy.

I've never understood those couples who get all crazy-eyed when one of the parties involved so much as raises an eyebrow in another person's direction. Me, I like to think that my husband's fascination with celluloid chicks only means that there isn't a flesh-and-blood, actually-accessible woman out there who can hold a candle to me. (Which isn't meant to imply that you couldn't get Aubrey if you wanted, Husband Dear. Of course you could...) Besides, being committed and in love doesn't mean you're blind, for God's sake. It just means that you've seen what's out there; and when all is said and done, you wouldn't trade anything for what you've got at home.

But it doesn't hurt to look...
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