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Thursday, January 01, 2004

birthday boy
Since it's the day before Dean's birthday, I ran out to Megamall to grab him a couple of last-minute gifts. I always try to buy his presents early, but I end up giving some of them to him for Christmas (What a softy I am!), therefore condemning myself to panic buying at the eleventh hour.

I was hoping to find Gabriel Garcia Marquez's autobiography, but they don't have it at Powerbooks yet, since they need to devote most their shelf space to their 69,000 copies of The Lord of the Rings. (Don't get me wrong; huge Tolkien fan, but honestly! You'd think there were no other fantasy books being published!)

I did manage to get a couple of other finds I'm pleased with from other stores, but I can't tell you about them here because my husband reads my blog! (Which he darn well should...) We're probably going to spend the day pretty quietly tomorrow, having lunch out with Sagey and maybe catching Mano Po 2 together.

I always wish that I could make the day super-extra-special for him, but so many other people seem to inconsiderately own all the money that I deserve so much more than they do. Lord God, why have You seen fit to make money and taste mutually exclusive?!

Kidding. Sort of. Sigh.
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