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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

oh, my beloved...
Been blog-silent again because of the terrible tragedy that recently occurred in our household. It was crippling, devastating... Dean and I were so affected that we've been all but bedridden for the past few days.

Yup, our computer blew out. There was some kind of power surge, and the poor machine just spazzed out and refused to boot thereafter, leaving us bereft of our files, our internet connection, and, most appallingly, our respective computer games. We did our best to cope with the new electronic entertainment-less paradigm, but after playtime with Sagey, books, comics, and mindless physical gratification, there just didn't seem to be all that much to do during the Christmas break except, well, sleep.

Gah. Goes to show you how dependent we are on this little beige box. Thank God it's back!!

And now I have to go plow through my 67,000 accumulated email messages...
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