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Sunday, December 14, 2003

comics convention
Hung out at the C3Con yesterday, even though it's something I once promised I'd never do again. It's crowded, it's noisy, and most of all, cosplayers (a.k.a. costume players) scare me. (Totally crazy people I can handle; it's the marginally insane I have trouble with.) But I went anyway, to cheer on Marco and Carl, who both released their new books (Angel Ace Next and the collected Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah trade, respectively); and to sign a few copies of Siglo, which also enjoyed its soft release that day.

Wasn't as bad as previous years-- less loud, for one thing, and the live music was infinitely better. Also, wandering around looking for a take-home present for Sage, Dean and I managed to pick up Mage: the Hero Discovered (and a couple of other neat titles) for a song. I am a huge Kevin Matchstick fan, so I was bouncing around happily for a while... until I caught sight of yet another couple of cosplayers, and thereafter shrank into a huddle of quivering terror.

spam i am
Got an offer from someone named Joannie in my inbox today. She says that she can help me "become the man that women desire!" While this was definitely not one of the items on my Christmas list to Santa, it's pretty impressive if Joannie can actually pull it off. In fact, if she can really turn me into any kind of man at all, it's obviously a revolutionary new product she's hawking...

Heard from Dean that some guy was charged in court because he called up and verbally abused the spammers who kept sending him offers to increase his penis size. I wish I could be on the jury when this fella goes to trial, because I'd not only let him off, I'd spend my own money to give him some kind of award.
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