Contradiction in Terms
You say to-may-toe; I say toh-mah-tah. Deal with it.
Saturday, December 13, 2003

All right, already!
Physically, it has not been a great week. First the homicidal coconut on Sunday; then the debilitating fever on Tuesday; and since Thursday, I’ve had this on-again, off-again allergy to God knows what. It keeps puffing and de-puffing and re-puffing my eyelids, so that I’m starting to feel like some kind of pathetic were-goldfish.

Possibly I’ve offended some kind of Wiccan in some way, and she/he has put some kinda hex on me? If so, whoever you are, I’m sorry already, okay? I probably didn’t mean it. Or if I did, I take it back. Scratch that-- knowing me, if I said or did something nasty, most likely I did mean it, and you deserved it, and I'd rather take my licks than back down.

So there.

scrub a dub
I have a sneaking suspicion the majority of my readers are not female. If you are, however (or even if you're not, and you just happen to be kikay anyway), and if you live someplace where you can shop at a Watson's, go there now and pick up a jar of their Simply Divine sugar scrub. It's this exfoliating body polish with sugar (natch!) and macadamia and almond oil, and one good shower with it will turn your skin into scrumptious caramel butter. Smells delectable, too, and the Megamall Watson's has a buy-one-take-one on it for only 99 bucks. So your wallet will thank me, your complexion will thank me, your significant other will thank me. Heck, even the ants that live in your bathroom will thank me!

Just kidding about the ants: the scrub washes away thoroughly, so it doesn't seem to attract pests. However, my own supply of it seems to have depleted alarmingly. I suspect my husband has been snacking on it in the shower...

My health may be shit, but at least my skin is divine!
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