Contradiction in Terms
You say to-may-toe; I say toh-mah-tah. Deal with it.
Monday, December 08, 2003

near-death experience
Was walking home from the mall last night when I nearly got brained by a falling coconut! It fell an inch or two past my nose, I swear; I could hear the wind of its passing.

Now, this is pretty extraordinary, considering I actually live in the premiere metropolis in the country, and had hitherto presumed I was safe from such agricultural-type perils. Since I am far from a nature-lover myself, perhaps it was Mother Nature's way of letting me know that she is not exactly a Nikki-lover, either?

Sheesh. No wonder they call her a mother.

silly, silly
The gang and I were at Rockwell last Saturday, where Dean ran into Andrew's identical twin in the men's room. When he reported this sighting to the rest of us, somebody actually said, "But how did you know it was him?"

Which goes to show you that superior smarts will not always save you from supreme silliness.

poem: to Lancelot

if you had only stayed,
we might have found a way
besides the conflagration.

but you
were the first to leave, remember:
on your high horse as always--
certain of your strength,
sure in your

we were never so sure or certain,
left stumbling in
your wake,
two points
of a pointless triangle.

he loved you
more than I, you know.
the pyre scorched but my skin;
while he was consumed from within,
and far more grievously.

you rode back
through the flames too late
to thwart the will of fate.
not even such as we
can rebuild
a kingdom
from ashes.
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