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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Yippee! (sort of)
Got a new corporate client yesterday, which is terrific, because aside from more money, it means I get to think about something new in my work. I've been toiling pretty much non-stop on behalf of a particular client for the past several months, and I feel like I've been beating my brain to death on the same ol', same ol'. A fresh perspective is a welcome change.

I also found out, watching the new client's video presentation, that I have now worked for three of the top three ranked corporations in the country. So yay, me! Only, if I'm so damned cool, why do I never seem to have enough money??

Yippee! (for real)
The package I've been expecting from my mom in Florida finally arrived. Tons of goodies, including a kiddie laptop for Sage, clothes and cosmetic gunk for me (Sometimes I'm such a chick!), and boatloads of chocolate for Dean, who is a confirmed chocoholic.

One of the goodies I got is this perfume I've been wanting called 'Angel'. It smells kind of chocolatey-orangey-liqoury, like a Grand Marnier truffle.

Being both a girly-girl and one of the boys (like it says in my subtitle, duh!), I like to smell yummy, but I detest smelling flowery. So I buy things like (currently) almond milk body wash, honey lotion, red currant lip balm, and vanilla cologne. All this time, I've been thinking that I smell alluring, only to have my husband complain one night that I just make him hungry!

Sigh. He's supposed to be craving for me, not for almond jelly with lychees...
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