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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Sitio Filipino
Dean took me to dinner for no reason at all last Monday. (And now you know why we've been happily married for eight years!) We ate at the Podium's Sitio Filipino, where we ordered the same kind of food we usually get at Ang Bistro Sa Remedios, our old standby Pinoy restaurant. The food was probably 80% as good, at about 50% of the price, and 100% more conveniently located, since we live just a few blocks away! I thoroughly enjoyed my sugpo sa aligue, while Dean seemed quite pleased with his inihaw na baboy and adobo rice. And the dangerously fatty-yet-crispy chicharon was a yummy surprise for us both. The place definitely goes on my list of favorite restaurants.

Possibly as a delayed reaction to my near-death coconut encounter, I fell victim to some virus or another yesterday. I spent the morning and afternoon laid up in bed with a ludicrously high temperature, feeling much like a lump of dough baking in an oven. But I'm a lot better now, thanks to judicious doses of Tylenol, iced tea, and Ultimate Cheese pizza.

bibliophilia: The Fall of the Kings by Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman
I actually enjoyed this book well enough, even though it bushwhacked me by being almost entirely about gay characters! Now I have nothing against homosexuality in life or in literature, but honestly! They could warn a girl before the young University magister and the studly heir to the dukedom suddenly fall into each other's arms. Especially when said girl is feverish and has to reread every paragraph over to make sure she understood it correctly...

Anyway. The Fall of the Kings is a fantasy novel set in a land which once had kings, wizards, and magic, only they overthrew the kings, killed all the wizards, and no one believes in the magic anymore. When University magister Basil St Cloud (gay protagonist #1) sets out to prove that magic once existed, many lives are thrown in turmoil, particularly that of his lover Theron Campion (gay protagonist #2), who may possibly be the heir to the kingdom. (Actually, nearly everyone in this book is gay. But it's well-written. So now that you've been warned, unlike me, go on out and read it. It ain't bad.)
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