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Monday, December 29, 2003

happy new look
As you've no doubt figured out by now (My readers are sharp, they are!), I've changed my blog template. Partly in celebration of the coming new year, but mostly because I felt way too many people were using the ol' 'jellyfish' template, and I was starting to feel... mundane.

I got this one from a clearly very talented lady known as 'Eris' (Yes, I talk to Greek goddesses now...), who provides some very nice imageless templates (the best for Blogspot users!) for free at her website. It's a pretty cool selection, and easy enough for even a know-nothing like me to use. So, yay, Eris!

That said, big yay! also to Andrew, who taught me the skills to customize everything all on my own. I am so proud of myself it's disgusting. But doesn't it just look lovely? Won't my circle of co-bloggers be killingly envious? Ha!

useless knowledge
Another neat tidbit of superstition:

If your nose itches, your mouth is in danger--
you'll kiss a fool and meet a stranger.
Rub the itch to wood; it will come to good.

Now, personally, I'm not entirely certain that kissing a fool is actually worse than going around rubbing your nose against the nearest piece of wood. I mean, you'd look pretty silly Eskimo-kissing a tree or tabletop, not to mention that you might get a splinter! In fact, I'm sure it would be quite bad for your skin; and besides, there are some perfectly nice fools out there, and honestly, a kiss or two won't kill ya.

However, old wifely wisdom further says that if your right nostril in particular itches, it means that you will have a female visitor; if the left nostril itches, your visitor will be male. So I guess you should pay attention first to the precise area of your itching, before you decide which to get up close and personal with: hunk or hunk of wood?
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