Contradiction in Terms
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Monday, January 19, 2004

pet peeves: gender ru(m)ination
I wonder if men ever really wish that they were women? I mean, okay, maybe the thought has drifted through even the straightest guy's brain once or twice, but it was probably just for a second, and even then, most likely something along the lines of "Man, those girls have it easy..." rather than "God, why did you have to make me a man?"

I wonder because sometimes I do wish God had made me a guy. (And my husband is panicking as he reads this...) If I were a guy:

1. People would stop talking to my tits while I was trying to hold a decent conversation with them;

2. If an item of machinery malfunctioned while I was using it, I would immediately assume that it was the machine that went wrong, and not me;

3. When I tell people I work at home as a freelance writer, they would say, "So how does that work?" instead of "So, you're a housewife...";

4. Repairmen, waiters, and folk of all sorts would stop looking to my husband for confirmation of things that I've damn well just said; and

5. As long as I'm charismatic at the same time, I could go around being ill-tempered and dictatorial, and people would only refer to me as 'forceful'.

On the other hand, I wouldn't be able to get discounts and freebies just by smiling, have multiple orgasms, or keep a jar of sugar scrub in my bathroom without people looking at me funny. So, yeah, girldom does have compensations. But man, those guys have it easy...

How are hot dogs made?

answer to yesterday's question
Ha! You all thought it was Thomas Edison, but you should have known I wouldn't ask anything with such an obvious answer. Light bulbs actually existed about 50 years prior to Edison's 1879 U.S. patent date. A British inventor named Joseph Swan showed off his carbon filament bulb at least 10 years before Edison unveiled his carbon copy, but even he was said to have based his designs on the work of an earlier inventor, William Sawyer. However, these earlier forms only lasted about 150 hours, so Edison's 1,200-hour light bulb was the closest to our modern bulbs, which last an average of 1,500 hours.
Brownie points to Drew for at least guessing it was a semi-trick question.
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