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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

my goodness
Since joining BlogSnob, my number of hits has jumped by almost 50%! It just goes to show you that, in nearly all endeavors, the actual quality of your product is not as important as good advertising. Ha!

my badness
A rabbi has invented a prayer designed to help Jews overcome the guilt of visiting pornographic websites. Rabbi Shlomo Eliahu says that more and more men have been coming to him in recent times to confess their internet sins, so in response, he composed the following:

"Please God, help me cleanse my computer of viruses and evil photographs which disturb and ruin my work... so that I shall be able to cleanse myself."

Honestly, if I'd known this kind of thing existed, I wouldn't have had to go to PC Express to get rid of that pesky Blaster Worm virus. I prefer my porn in prose form, anyway.

What is the Catholic saint Antonio Abad best known for in the Philippines?

answer to yesterday's question
The middle finger is the longest finger on each hand because of something called the 'geometry of closing'. It's really just a fancy way of saying that when you close your hand into a fist, all your fingers touch the palm of your hand at the same time. So when you grasp an object, your fingers share the work equally. This theory is actually disputed by anthropologists, but specialists called 'evolutionary morphologists' (There's an obscure profession!) think it's the bomb.
Interestingly, the middle finger is formally known as the 'impedicus', a Latin word which means impudent, bold, and immodest. So I guess that rude gesture has been around for a long, long time...
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