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Wednesday, December 22, 2004


I got it, I got it, I got a new replacement for my stolen cell phone! Dean paid for half of it as my big Christmas present, which actually cost him more than the whole cost of his own phone, by the way. Annnd, I still get to pick out a little gift from him. I have the besterestest husband in the world. (So even if I did have the Make-Your-Own-Dildo Kit, I'm not sharing; Christmas spirit be damned, haha!)

Anyway, if you care, it's a Sony Ericsson k700i, which I got on the expert advice of my friend, the incorrigible Phone Whore. It has a built-in camera, video, FM radio, MP3 player, various forms of wireless connectivity, a nice big screen, and it's gorgeous. Oh, and, um, it can call and text, too.

None of you can see me right now, but I'm dancing.
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