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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

sweet (dill) revenge

I knew those pickles were trouble! Imagine, there I was, innocently reaching for some pate and a loaf of bread out of the fridge, when the jar of pickles on the side shelf virtually leapt out and attacked me! I kid you not, it viciously thumped into my wrist before falling to the floor, where it promptly attempted to skewer my ankles with glass shards, no doubt in a final gesture of defiance. Good thing Sage wasn't around.

Honestly, I think I'm the only person who regularly gets attacked by kamikaze food items (A murderous coconut attempted to brain me on the street several months ago.), although some might say I provoked it with yesterday's anti-pickle entry. But who would have imagined that pickles could be so vindictive? Much less that they actually sneak into the bedroom at night and go online to read blogs...
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