Contradiction in Terms
You say to-may-toe; I say toh-mah-tah. Deal with it.
Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Today is THANK YOU SCHOOL LIBRARIAN DAY. I don't remember her name, but it was thanks to her I got to read those two or three last Hardy Boys books I didn't actually own, so she deserves it. Thanks, Miss Whoever!

And the girliness goes on...
I finally gave in to a long-resisted impulse and bought one of those uber-cute and absurdly expensive Sylvanian Families dollhouses. Ostensibly this was for Sage, but contrariwise, it's staying in my room. Everyone in our condo building is always saying that our unit is filled with toys, which it is; what they don't realize is that this is partly because Sage's parents are nothing more than big kids themselves!

Anyway, the 'house' I got is actually a windmill, populated by three little fuzzy toy rabbits who are naturally named Daddy Bunny, Mommy Bunny, and Sagey Bunny. (Yes, she does get to play with it-- I'm not that selfish!) Dean and I went a little bit nuts buying miniature furniture for the house, so much so that we actually ended up with more stuff than the windmill will hold. But Sage adores it, so all is cool. As long as I can resist buying a larger house to hold all the furniture... then more furniture to fill the larger house... then...

in the news today
U.S. doctors are now offering a different kind of cosmetic surgery-- the 'voice-lift'. Since the vocal chords grow weaker with age, thus producing less sound, researchers have developed two methods for rejuvenating a person's voice by reconnecting separated vocal chords. By inserting implants through a neck incision, or injecting fat, collagen, or hydroxyl appetite through the mouth, potential patients can now sound as well as look young through the miracle of modern medicine.

Or they can simply revisit their childhoods by playing with dollies... No, wait, that's me.

What is the size of a lightning bolt?

answer to yesterday's question
From highest to lowest, the nine choirs of angels in Christian theology are: seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels. Theologians actually tend to differ as to the exact order. (See Alex's and Ariel's answers in yesterday's comments.)

Heavenly creatures: Alex and Ariel
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