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Friday, April 02, 2004

Today is INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S BOOK DAY. Can't help noticing my two-year-old has a larger library than most adults!

You may have noticed...
I messed around with my template somewhat, because I felt my blogroll was just getting too damn long; you had to scroll down into eternity to find anything other than blog links. The only other alternative was picking fights with all my friends so I could take them off the list! Plus, I realize that I've never actually met some of you lovely readers in person, so I thought I would reassure you that I do have a nose and a mouth, not just eyes. Courtesy of my husband, the budding photog (who will probably bug me to change the picture once he sees it).

in the news today
The mermaid featured in the coat of arms of the Polish town of Ustka is getting a makeover, because town councillors have agreed that her breasts are too small and she's too fat. They are hoping that her sexy new figure will attract more tourists to the Baltic coast port.

Honestly, first Marge Simpson, now Ariel. It's a sad day when even objects can be objectified.

Who is Sedna?

answer to yesterday's question
The phrase 'he's bought the farm', meaning that the person under discussion has died, originated among Irish immigrants in the U.S. Many of these poverty-stricken workers traveled to the States with the intention of saving enough money to purchase the farms their families worked in Ireland, only to end up spending their earnings on alcohol to alleviate their homesickness. So when an Irish-American passed away without being able to return to 'the auld sod', his countrymen would shake their heads and say, "Well, he's bought the farm now..."

Close enough: Jason and Ariel

Jason says that Tim Berners-Lee, whom I identified as the inventor of the World Wide Web, only invented the web language HTML; the other relevant technologies-- such as TCP/IP, hypertexting, and browsing-- were already in existence at the time. I actually have no idea what he's talking about, but I'll take his word for it.
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