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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Today is SOMETHING ON A STICK DAY, which sounds incredibly unwholesome to me...

Sorry I haven't been posting, but I was busy with copywriting, editing, and writing an essay, a short story for children, and a one-act play. So you can see I couldn't spare an iota of writing capacity for my blog! We'll see if I can manage to pull anything else out of the hat before the Palanca deadline comes along.

Anyway, here're the point totals for the quiz. Since it is now the last weekend of March, Ariel can drop by Comic Quest Megamall anytime after Holy Week for his chocolate bar prize as March Trivia Champ, and Vin's nose will be ceremoniously poked for his whopping Smartypants win. On to April!
Alex = 7
Amie = 5
Angela = 1
Ariel = 10
Dean = 7
Dino = 1
Drew = 2
El = 1
Gabby = 4
Jason = 6
Jay = 2
Jonette = 1
Kate = 2
Katrina = 4
Pauline = 2
Ron = 4
Vin = 3
Alex = 1
Amie = 1
Angela = 1
Ariel = 2
Dean = 1
Dino = 1
Gabby = 1
Jason = 2
Jonette = 1
Katrina = 1
Ron = 1
Vin = 8

What is the salary of the Philippine president?

answer to Tuesday's question
This was not really the answer I had in mind, but Dino Yu dug it up somewhere, and it's pretty icky too: Black peppers are black because of a fungus called glomerella cingulata. The peppers are initially either red or green, but when boiled and then sundried, they acquire the fungus, which grows on their skin.

But what I was really thinking of was the fact that the American Food & Drug Administration, to this day, actually permits all commercial black peppers to be composed of up to one percent rat droppings. Chew on that, folks.

Peppered with knowledge: Dean (by accident, I believe, but it counts) and Ariel. Jason and Dino also get a point each for adding interesting information. And the spicy Smartypants go to Amie!
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