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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Today is SAINT GEORGE'S DAY. Dragons, beware...

"sweet sorrow", my ass
No doubt all you mushy people out there will find this too totally cute, but I personally think it's vaguely pathetic that I have been married for going on nine years, and still get the quivering heebie-jeebies when my husband has to be away from me for an extended period of time. And by 'extended', by the way, I mean just four days or so, which is about the duration that he may have to spend in Singapore talking business.

The last time this happened was when he worked in Hong Kong. We were apart for several months, by the end of which I was missing him so much that I was hurling cushions and potato chips at the television. (Which depicts far too many incidences of people in the throes of love and/or incipient sexual frenzy; you notice this when you're terminally frustrated.) I did attempt an extramarital liaison with my favorite pillow, Mr. Fiberfill, but unfortunately, he was not much of a conversationalist, so it ended precipitously. I also spent the whole time with insomnia, because (a) I couldn't get used to having a whole bed all to myself, and (b) I have apparently physically and psychologically adapted to the point where I cannot sleep without the sound of someone snoring in my ear. Dean apparently suffered too, because when we finally saw each other again, we fell into bed and promptly created Sage.

See? Separation is dangerous. There aren't even any good bookstores I know of in Singapore (because the anticipation of getting some yummy hard-to-find books would go a long way toward alleviating my sense of melancholy at his absence). Plus, I'll have to deal with Sagey constantly asking "Where Daddy?", and well-meaning friends like Vin will treat me like I'm all fragile and helpless, when in fact I'll just be annoyed at the absence of my best friend, partner in general snottiness, and hapless object of lust.

Gah. Love makes you wussy.

Name the nine choirs of angels in Christian theology.

answer to Friday's question
'Lorem ipsum...' was the first pangram, although it orginally contained only 23 letters, since the Latin alphabet does not use the letters J, V, or W. It was created for the same purpose it serves today, as dummy text to display the look of a typeface or font. While it may seem nonsensical, however, it is actually composed of fragments from a passage in Cicero's De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum: "Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit...", which means "There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it, and wants to have it, simply because it is pain."

And you thought it was just blah-blah...

Amie, Angela, Jason, and Dean all knew about the dummy copy thing, but only Ariel and Ron were able to cite the phrase's provenance. Also, Ron gets an extra point for info I didn't know (especially the term 'greeking'); and although I don't give out the Smartypants award anymore, I gotta say Jayce's response was pretty damned funny.
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