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Monday, April 26, 2004

Today is HUG AN AUSTRALIAN DAY, but all the Australians I know are in Australia... or Hollywood. Hey, Russell, come and get it!

Just when you think you've gotten all your work done...
... more comes along, from sort-of-new clients with wholly unreasonable deadlines. I'm actually the fastest copywriter I personally know, but even for me, restyling seven interlinked websites in fourteen days is pushing it. I spent most of this afternoon discussing said websites, which is something I hate, because I have trouble mentally mapping things out in web format. The 'pages' don't really act like pages as I understand them, because they can go in several different directions, instead of just from one page to the next, as in printed form. (This is probably a sign that my thinking is becoming obsolete.) Anyway, I managed to bargain down from seven sites to five. I will still have to do the other two, but not necessarily by the stated deadline. I'm not Superman, after all-- that's Sage.

hoist on my own petard
My other looming deadline is for the comic book anthology I'm editing on behalf of Mango Comics. It's a project that involves four different writers doing stories in four different genres. Being the editor, I figured I'd be magnanimous and offer to take on whichever genre everyone else didn't want to do... which is how I got stuck with the romance title while the others get to do supernatural/martial arts, high fantasy, and science/adventure. So now I'm always feeling like so much is happening in everyone else's scripts while my characters are just perennially angsting over their family relationships or mooning over one another. Teen romance, gah.

On the topic, however, we are on the lookout for female comics artists to work on the anthology. It's an ongoing paying gig slated for monthly release starting late this year. If you or someone you know might be interested, check it out at the Mango Comics website. And know that I'm not really that much of a bitch when it comes to editing. Really. Honest. (You shut up, Vin!)
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