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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Where have all the tagboards gone?
Probably this should count as a 'pet peeve' entry, because technology and I seem to regularly experience serious non-compatibility issues. But seriously, how rude of the tagboards to stop functioning barely a month after I convinced Vin to switch over from Floogle! Is this what I get for my consumer recommendation? Do they not realize how embarrassin' this is for me?

Meanwhile, I keep getting suspicious messages on my previously spam-free email account. I'm convinced these are some schmucks attempting to pass me some evil virus, which, in my book, has become a crime practically tantamount to murder (of my beloved computer!). Whoever you are, I'm warning y'all, leave my inbox alone or I will hunt you down with Marco's vanishing ray.

What's the point of daylight savings time?

answer to yesterday's question
When oil was first found in Pennsylvania in 1859, a chemist named Robert Cheesebrough noticed that a colorless film called 'rod wax' collected around the pump rods on oil wells, gumming up the works until it was removed. He noted further that oil workers would slap the gunk on any exposed injuries, where it not only stopped the bleeding, but also seemed to help cuts heal.

Abandoning his earlier dream of becoming an oil magnate, Cheesebrough raced home with some rod wax, and set to work creating a clean form of the stuff, which he called 'petroleum jelly'. He ended up making so much of the jelly that he filled up every last beaker in his lab, and, in desperation, tossed out his wife's fresh flowers in order to use her flower vases for additional storage. Thus the brand name 'Vaseline' was born.

"Rod wax". Honestly, how obvious can you get?
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