Contradiction in Terms
You say to-may-toe; I say toh-mah-tah. Deal with it.
Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Today is DEVELOP ALTERNATIVE VICES DAY. So I've resolved to swear instead of smoke, and smoke instead of swear.

Saturday night, Vin wanted to know, "What's the one seemingly insignificant trait that could make you write someone off as a potential partner?" (Although, of course, I already have my perfectly perfect partner, I still join in on hypothetical discussions like this in the spirit of... well, hypothesis.)

My answer was, "A naturally repugnant laugh." I'm not talking about the occasional fingernails-on-the-blackboard screech or sonic-barrier-breaking guffaw; I mean the 'hee-haws', the 'hur-hur-hurs', and the 'nyuk-nyuk-nyuks' that unfortunately happen to be some people's normal mode of laughter. I once knew (and intensely disliked) a girl who actually, truly laughed with a phonetic 'ha-ha-ha' sound. Literally, she would enunciate every 'ha', and it was profoundly disconcerting. True, she had many other disagreeable traits-- such as the tendency to lie, cheat, and steal-- but I'm convinced that it was the laugh that really put the kibosh on our theoretical friendship. I'm sorry, but you can only listen to something like that for so long.

in the news today
Indian police have been criticized for bringing in a sorcerer to help solve a case of bank robbery. When over $5,500 disappeared from a desk drawer at the United Bank of India in Tripura, officers called in Haricharan Acharjee, who performed several rituals with a 'sacred pole' before announcing that the supposedly stolen money had been deposited safely. State chief minister Manik Sarkar reacted to this news by urging local police to "develop a scientific temper" and "make this the first and last incident of its kind". Obviously, it wasn't his money that had gone missing...

What is the 'groaning cheese' custom?

answer to yesterday's question
The invention of the condom is attributed to either a mid-17th century British Royal Guard known as Colonel Condum; or a Doctor Condom, who was reputed to have served as court physician to King Charles II. Charles was supposedly so delighted with the invention that he awarded the good doctor with a knighthood for it. The first known clinical trials of condoms were recorded by Gabrielle Fallopius, who described the type of condom used as a sheath of linen. (And who, judging by the name, had a vested interest in the topic!)
Thanks to Alex for taking an interest, and minus points to Dean for his grody intestine theory. Ew.
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