Contradiction in Terms
You say to-may-toe; I say toh-mah-tah. Deal with it.
Monday, February 09, 2004

Today is LAUGH AND GROW RICH DAY. I guess one out of two ain't bad...

domestic crisis
Our nanny had her usual day off today, so Dean, Sage, and I decided to spend some time hanging out at the mall. Sage was her usual delightful self, although her poor father nearly broke his back having to carry her on his shoulders all the way home from Megamall. As soon as had we arrived home and taken off her diapers (She's toilet training.), Sage delivered herself of an extremely unpleasant mess all over the sofa. She was repulsed; Dean was repulsed; heck, even the sofa was repulsed. So, naturally, who had to be the one who cleaned up baby and couch? Yep, you got it the first time. I guess what this means is that when it comes to parental duties, Daddy may carry the burdens, but when the shit hits the sofa, the person who ends up having to keep her shit together is Mom. Gah.

Who invented the condom?

answer to Friday's question
A mandala is a three-dimensional drawing usually formed from colored sand, but also sometimes made of powdered flowers, grains, herbs, or gems. In Tibetan Buddhism, mandalas have three levels of meaning: an outer level (symbolizing the world in its divine form), an inner level (representing a map by which the ordinary mind is transformed into the enlightened mind), and a secret level (predicting the primordially perfect balance of mind and body). Making a mandala is supposed to cause purification and healing on all three levels; however, the destruction of a mandala is just as important as its creation. By sweeping up the powder and dumping it into running water, Buddhists not only ritualistically accept the impermanence of all things, they also spread the beneficial healing energies throughout the world. (I'm betting they don't do this too often with the ones made out of gems, though...)

Are my friends geekily brilliant or what? Gabby, Puting Tikbalang (What is her real name, anyway?), and Alex all had something erudite to say on the topic, while Kate and Dino Yu practically hit the Tibetan bull's-eye.
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