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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Of Linkage and Thinkage

It's been a stellar week for the Comic Quest crew. First, there's my soon-to-be-published story (which I finally managed to dig up; thanks for the concern, everyone!) in the Sawi anthology.

Then there's Andrew's selection as one of the Philippine Daily Inquirer's Top 20 Under 20. Andrew is a 19-year-old writer/artist, and he totally rocks. Secretly, I'm being really good friends with him right now so that in the future, when he's as famous as Madonna, I can proudly say, "Oh, yeah, Andrew? I've known him for, like, ever." Ha.

And last but hardly least, Jason has been shortlisted for Stanford University's Digital Vision Program. Out of 300 applicants from all over the world, he's made it to the semi-final 45, which will later be winnowed down to 15. If he doesn't make it, I'll bet it's just because he's applying for a scholarship as well, but if he does make it--Woohoo! Ivy League (-ish*) Jason! (New from Mattel...)

Just to let y'all know: you do not really have to ask me if you can link my blog on your site. Of course you can, y'great big sillies! Your link list is a reflection of your taste: the blogs, sites, and whatnot that you happen to enjoy. Whether or not the owners of such whatnot approve of your enjoyment should have little to do with your right to list it as part of your preferred thoughtspace, if you will.

On the other hand, I get that you may be asking me permission as a "subtle" way of asking me to link you back. Which means obviously you are not looking at my links list properly! Check it out--to the left and down a little--and you'll see a little notation at the bottom that allows you to go ahead and add your site to my list. This is because my list is powered by bloglinker, a nifty system that allows you, Dear Reader, to interact with my links list. Also, it automatically creates a reciprocal link back to me whenever I put another bloglinker member's site on my list. Since I and the person I linked have the option to delete these links if we want to, I think this is a pretty nifty feature... Dean, of course, finds it terrifying, sigh.

Speaking of Dean, all you good people who have him on your link list--as his Official Fairy BlogMother, I would just like to point out that it's Notes from THE Peanut Gallery, not Notes from A Peanut Gallery. Okay? Just so's ya know...

*And yes, I am aware that there are officially only eight Ivy League Schools, and that Stanford is not one of them. But it's considered on par with the Ivy League, so there.
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