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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Oh, Fuck!

No one told me that the writers' webring thing was starting today! Or, as shatterbrained as I've been recently, someone did tell me and I missed it. Gah.

Anyway, this is the Tuesday writers' webring, brainchild of Jonas, and officially named Slinging Ink (the webring, not Jonas). The simple premise is that you have five of us writer-types, and each of us pledges to post something (hopefully interesting, entertaining, informative, or all three) every week on Tuesday. I had nothing to do with the title, but it amuses me to think of Tobie and me pulling a pair of six-guns out of their holsters and slinging ink at each other. Yeah: "This Internet ain't big enough fer the both of us, pardner."
Things You Never Knew You Never Knew

1. According to Bill Bryson (A Short History of Nearly Everything), 1% of the static that you see on unassigned TV channels is leftover radiation from the Big Bang. This seems pretty irrelevant until you realize it means that, at some point or another, you have actually witnessed, in your own little way, the creation of the universe. Sadly, it just wasn't all that exciting.

2. According to Llewellyn's Magical Almanac, fish can lead you to true love. All you have to do is eat a salted herring in three bites before going to bed. Do not speak or drink afterwards; and the love of your life will appear to you in your dreams, offering water to quench your thirst. Having tasted salted herring myself, I'm inclined to believe that this works, because (a) I find the taste of herring so horrendous that being deprived of a drink after eating the stuff would certainly cause me to have delusional dreams; and (b) I would therefore be willing to love anyone who would give me a drink to wash the horrid taste out of my mouth. If he were really my dream lover, though, he'd offer me Coke or a mint julep instead.

3. According to some source that I no longer remember, the word "jewelry" is derived from the Jewish practice of converting money into wearable gold and gems, thus making it easier to tote their wealth around in an itinerant lifestyle. I'm not sure how true this is; but if so, then perhaps we should start calling cell phones "Pinoyelry", since that is what a lot of us have sunk our dough into. I promise to start wearing my phone around my neck as soon as you do.

Have a great day, and check out the rest of the posse!
the Tuesday Writers' Webring
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