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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Just an Idea I'm Tossing Around...

If (and only if, because I'd still have to talk him into it) Dean were to hold some kind of writers' workshop, would you pay to attend? If so, how much would you be willing to shell out? I'm sure Dean would like to limit the number of participants so he could give each person the attention he/she deserves (and block off enough time to properly critique each submission), which would mean that ten or fewer people would have to be able--and willing--to offset the cost of the venue and sundry expenses. But I'm pretty sure there'd be an audience for this (Am I wrong, Dean-o-philes?) and I know Dean would secretly really love an opportunity to directly help out and encourage aspiring writers.

So, whaddya all think?

To paraphrase Roxy Hart of Chicago: I love my readers, and I think some of my readers love me, and I love them for loving me, and we all just love each other. What perplexes me is that there are apparently people over at Dean's blog who go around reading and kind of liking me as well, and they keep telling him about it. Him, not me.

Why not me? I have comment script, too. I have a tagboard. I don't bite--well, not much, and y'know, not anywhere that it would show outside your clothes or anything. Kidding... mostly...

I would assume that it's because I'm snarky by nature, but we all know that Dean is really the Sultan of Snarkiness (as Sassy is the Empress), whereas I am merely a humble harem girl in the Mosque of Mischief. So come on, people--if you're reading here, speak up! I promise not to make fun of you... unless you write in txtspk, in which case all bets are off.

I never said I was nice, just approachable.
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