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Monday, May 16, 2005


Scuttlebutt has it that Neil Gaiman will be in Manila this July. If so, then I will certainly be joining the predictable throng of fans, if only to have Neil sign the Year's Best anthology that he and Dean were both featured in last year. (Yes, my husband and The Sandman Scribe himself are technically colleagues; how's that for cool? Only two or three degrees of separation between Neil Gaiman and me, baby!)

I actually have a couple of Gaiman-signed items floating around the apartment already, thanks to my globe-trotting and very generous (He had them dedicated to me, after all!) husband. Peculiarly, I also have a chapbook written by Neil Gaiman, but autographed by Margaret Weis. This happened because Dean spotted the Dragonlance author while wandering around a convention, but had nothing on hand other than Gaiman's On Cats and Dogs (and was not enough of a Weis fan to actually buy a copy of Dragonlance, having read it already). Hence, my copy of On Cats and Dogs bears the curious notation "I am not Neil".

Well, sugar, few of us are.
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