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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Feature Lust

The truth is, I am horribly, terribly envious of my friend Gigi's blog, mainly because she has all these cool things like a calendar that shows her entries for the month and a list of the most recent comments, complete with which entries they commented on. Coolest of all, she has these two sideblogs: one with stuff (mostly kikay) she has bought or wants to buy, and the other with music she likes. It's kind of like reading Lucky magazine, only updated several times a week instead of monthly, and available for free!

Anyway, because of the Evil Gigi, I am now considering switching blog hosts, except that Gigi (like Blogger Extraordinaire Sassy) pays for her blog hosting, and I am way too stingy to do so. (What, and spend my hard-earned book-and-beauty budget elsewhere? Like that's gonna happen!) So my only recourse is to find a free service provider that provides even more flexibility than the already-quite-admirable Blogspot.

The current contender in my ongoing research is journalspace, which is payment-free (the primary consideration, remember?), ad-free, has features like the aforementioned calendar as well as easy posting of Amazon wish lists/recommendations, and even claims to provide moblogging (although I suspect that, like the Blogger variant, this only works with foreign telecom service providers). And so far, publishing on journalspace is super-speedy-mega-fast! (Probably since this huge horde of us are all clogging up the BlogSpot blogosphere...) The drawbacks are that--considering I'm a person who likes to mess with her blog design a lot--the template adjustment system is a little irritating; and, y'know, the basic fact that I'm gonna have to move, and y'all are gonna have to change your links.

I don't know; maybe I just haven't explored BlogSpot thoroughly enough. I'll probably mull it over some, and play with my currently very ugly (Do NOT go there!) journalspace blog a lot more before making up my mind. Suggestions, anyone?
Woohoo! The unbelievably generous Rickey got me a WordPress blog! So yes, the Contradictory Chick* will be "moving house" soon... Stay tuned for your invites to the blogwarming party.
*Rickey, does this make me the original Con Con Girl?
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