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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Flesh for Fantasy

Jason says I have the dubious honor of being the Most Blocked Website on his list of links.

I guess I can't argue, seeing as I have now been linked by Johnny Blue, author of The Blue Riders' Club: "the layman's guide to seducing women". A "boys's own" how-to "loaded with sex stories and risque humor", it's touted as a hybrid of The Art of War, the Kama Sutra, Sophie's World, and Sex and the City. Seems like a lot to live up to, but the reviews promise that it will turn you into "David Cop-a-Feel" if you only choose to "sleaze the day". Oh, I'm such a sucker for a good pun...

In any case, the deep and abiding personal amusement for me is that I am now listed along with such luminaries as, Buttercreamkinkykisses, DrBizzaro 100% FREE XXX Sex Porn, and Hustler Platinum, the Best Hustler Site! Yes, my husband may be a big Blogging Superstar nowadays, but I, to quote Right Said Fred, am too sexy for my shirt.

But seriously, folks, I know there are people who are puzzled at how I can be an ardent feminist, a bona fide mommy-mom, and a former porn writer and continuing porn devotee all at the same time. But if you read my earlier post on feminism, you know that my contention is that we are all, before anything else, human beings; as human beings we are sexual beings, and therefore entitled--whether male or female--to as much damn fantasy as it takes to float our respective boats.

Yes, there is a lot of pornography out there that is exploitative of women, but if you scratch the surface just a little, you'll find there's also a hell of a lot that exploits men, aliens, vampires, robots, and the occasional octopus. (Yup, you read that right.) In other words, porn isn't meant to be taken seriously, people! It's not social commentary, and it certainly isn't a Guide to Life. It's fantasy; in fact, it's frequently comedy, even when it doesn't set out to be.

Am I saying that 'equal-opportunity exploitation' makes exploitation okay? Of course not. What I am saying is that sex doesn't always have to equate to sexual politics. Sometimes it's just for fun... at least if you're doing it right.

And if you're not doing it right, apparently, you can always consult with me. Or, you know, BigButtNicole.
Naturally, my husband now proposes that if someone actually goes around calling herself "Big Butt Nicole", I should therefore immediately adopt the sobriquet "Nikki Knockers". He's lucky I have a sense of humor...
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