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Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Great and Secret Show...

… as I call it, is that I don’t have any deadlines looming on the horizon. None, zip, zero. This is a concatenation of happy circumstance that has not occurred in the last four months, so you better believe I’m enjoying it. Hence the adjective ‘great’, to describe my currently hedonistic lifestyle; coupled with ‘secret’, which connotes my sneaking suspicion that once this state of events becomes known, the Powers That Be will somehow conspire to inundate me with work once again.

And look, I’ve foolishly gone and blogged about it. Not that work is necessarily a bad thing, as more work means more money, and less free time for my daughter to use me as a trampoline. (Which is, y’know, heart-warming, but quite literally bone-wearying!)

Meanwhile, I’ve been gloriously wasting my non-trampoline time doing utterly pointless things like watching TV, painting my toenails, and surfing the Net--which is how I ended up making little Ragnarok-esque sprites to represent our fictional adventuring party from Dean’s role-playing game.
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If you’re interested, you can try to figure out which ones represent Elana, the Prince(ss); Elke, the Tailor; Ellis, the Soldier; Tarlun, the Barber; and Zoilo, the Tinker. Then see if you can guess which of those characters are played by Alex, Kate, and me!
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