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Monday, April 11, 2005

The Buddha Blog is Up!

I actually promised Andrew this revamp over a month ago, but to rather horrendously paraphrase Gloria Estefan, "the work got in the waaay..."

Anyway, if you ask me, the finished product is a tad sedate to properly express Drew's personality, but he seems to like it. What happened was that I found this kickass Buddha image online, and it pretty much dictated the rest of the design. Which is a little tyrannical for a supposedly serene sort of god-figure; but then we all know I have contentious relations at best with Divinity.

The Brass Buddha Machine features what I like to call 'the peekaboo game'--wherein you can play hide-'n'-seek with the title by scrolling up and down; you can also play 'hide-the-buddha/show-the-buddha' by scrolling from side to side in the 800x600 setting. (Probably this is why Gautama got so snitty with me, because I go around using his image for inane games to entertain the easily-amused...)

I'm kind of thrilled that Dean has finally given me permission to play with his blog design again, though it will probably take me some time to work on that one because he has a tendency to be persnickety about his layout. Well, actually, he's only about as persnickety as I am myself--it has to be very readable, with ample space for lots of text, distinctive but never distracting. Hmmm.
To those very kind people who, with regards my recent blog design work, have said, "You really can do everything, can't you?": Nope.

Can't drive. Can't speak a third language (unless you count HTML, but it's not like I speak it). Can't draw. Can't win at Monopoly. Can't play the violin. Wish I could; hopefully I'll get around to learning one of these years.

Can't play basketball. Can't think for long without cigarettes. Can't bake a cherry pie. Wouldn't if I could.

It's nice to know your limitations.
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