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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Today is For Pete's Sake Day.

And just so you know I know, the 'Pete' we're talking about in this idiom is St. Peter, meaning that one should consider one's actions in light of St. Peter's ability to bar one's entry through the pearly gates.

signage and branding
They put this sign up in the elevator of my condominium:
Tenants, unit owners, lessees and guests are requested to avoid excessive noise and unnecessary/offensive odors.
I guess this means that necessary odors are okay.

Meanwhile, I am lovin' Asia Brewery's Summit Clear sparkling water. I don't know if it comes in other flavors, but the white grape variety kicks ass. Somewhat disturbingly, though, the label tells me that it has no energy, no protein, no fat, no carbohydrates, and no calories. It is also sugar-free and caffeine-free, which makes it, like, the Emperor's New Drink, right?

Though probably that title should be awarded to the peach Vodka Teaser I foolishly tried last night, which was an experience similar to breathing vaguely peach-scented air on a really humid day. And paying a hundred fifty bucks for the privilege.

Which reminds me of what I'm always telling Andrew about his Winston Lights cigarettes: that smoking them is like having sex on a mountaintop. In other words, friends and neighbors, it's fuckin' near air.

Ah, I live to amuse you.
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