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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Today is A Very Good Day...

Especially for Woofy, who has unabashedly informed me that it's his birthday; and especially especially for my good friend K8, who officially passed her C.I.A. accreditation exams. In fact, she's been ranked one of the top 25 examinees in the world!

Now K8, of course, will try to tell you that the 'C.I.A.', in this case, stands for 'Certified Internal Auditor'--but I remain convinced that she's just saying that so that she doesn't have to kill us all for Knowing Too Much. In the first place, she's soft-hearted; and in the second place, she's an accountant, so probably she's already calculated that it would be a wasteful expense of effort and energy to go around terminating every single person who reads this blog.

But look--these are the minimum qualifications for Clandestine Service in the Central Intelligence Agency:
1. a bachelor's degree
2. strong interpersonal skills
3. the ability to write clearly and accurately
Graduate degrees, military experience, knowledge of a foreign language, and foreign residency or travel experience are pluses. Applicants must be 35 years old or below, and U.S. citizenship is a must for applicants and their spouses.

See? Possibly K8 has been hiding her secret U.S. citizenship from the rest of us, but I know for a fact that she fulfils items 1, 2, and 3; is well within the age specification; and boasts both fluent Filipino and long-time residency in this here foreign country. She even traveled to Vietnam last month; how suspicious is that? She is marrying a non-American soon, but given that the groom has certain political connections, she's probably just getting close to him in order to extract vital state secrets while he's befuddled in a helpless haze of love.

Oh dang, now I really have said too much! Well, congratulations again, K8... and if you must silence me, try to make it relatively swift and painless, wouldja?
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