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Monday, February 21, 2005

K8's new blog design is up!

I'm really so pleased at how well this turned out. Not because it's so damned lovely (although really, it is), but because it so clearly conveys my perception of K8: both strong and delicate, intellectual and emotional, understated and elegant.

She kind of/sort of/oh-so-hesitantly asked me if I might maybe have the time to revamp her blog a couple of weeks ago, and now she feels that she "can't thank me enough" for doing it. Honestly, though, working on blog design is like therapy for me: it gives me problems that I can solve; just me, my programs, and my coding. Possibly I should have been a programmer instead of a copywriter, but then I spent most of that computer course I took after college sneakily playing Civilization instead of listening to the boring teacher. When I wasn't cutting class to indulge in all sorts of naughtiness with my then-boyfriend Dean.

Oh, well. Check out Soul Encounters!

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If you haven't yet, check Dean out at Jonas's strip, Graphic Detail!

And this is the reason why every woman should try to love and be loved by a writer. You'll have to share him with his first love--the words--but when the words are for you, there ain't nothin' like it, sugar.
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