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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Furnishing Funds, Funding for Furniture

Today, Dean and I went on a furniture spending spree, picking out a bookshelf, a vanity shelf, a new closet, and a bed. (We’ve never actually had a bed before, having slept on a mattress for years. This mattress concept was all cool and bohemian until we actually hit our thirties. Sadly, springing to vertical from ground level is no longer as effortless as it once was.)

This splurge was a result of the windfall I received from my work for two SM annual reports. As per our agreement, one-third of everything I earn goes to the shared household budget (Dean contributes considerably more, bless his gallant husbandly soul), so we went and splurged a good chunk of it at Our Home at Megamall, selecting furnishings somewhat whimsically named Griff, Hendrick, and Fontie.

This completed the following rather dismaying financial ouroborous: SM gives me money; I give it to the family; we give it back to SM, which happens to own and operate not only Our Home, but one of my favorite money sinks, Watson’s. Aaand… sometime in the next few weeks, I will begin another SM project, for which I will eventually get paid, at which point I will probably wind up spending at least part of the money at SM.

It’s really all the same funds that keep going round and round--with no one, apparently, actually getting to keep the cash. Luckily, somewhere along the way I get furniture.
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