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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Book and Bed (which is usually my idea of bliss...)

Being one of the, like, eight people in the world who didn't actually like Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, I found the blurb for its parody, The Asti Spumante Code, blessedly hilarious:
"Why... did the dead man leave so many bafflingly inane clues when a Post-It note would have done? Why does our code-breaking hero know so much useless stuff, and why is he usually wrong about it anyway? charts new territory for the conspiracy thriller. For, extraordinarily, it does not feature Leonardo da Vinci..."

Meanwhile, the new bed we bought for Sage arrived yesterday.

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We got it from Funktionell in Galleria, which has some really nice stuff, is generally even cheaper than Our Home, and has really pleasant staff-people who gave me a tiny-but-much-appreciated discount just because I told them I'd come back and I did. (Which probably means everything is hideously overpriced in the first place, but considering the bed was 5,000 bucks cheaper than the one I'd been planning on getting, I'm not complaining!)

Of course, Dean and I are now having to pay the additional cost of picking a bunk bed, which is having to endlessly clamber up and down a small wooden ladder that was really not designed for anyone more than four feet tall. Oh, the price of love!
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