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Sunday, May 09, 2004

some kind of code...

Aside from getting me great goodies on special occasions, Dean also often picks things up for me just because he knows I enjoy them. (Isn't he the best husband ever? Not that I have much basis for comparison, mind you...)

This week, he brought home the third season DVD set of Alias, my current favorite TV show. Despite the fact that it was a truly terrible pirate copy, I'm so addicted to the show that I ended up watching the whole thing straight through in just two nights. So we decided not to demand our money back from the DVD guy, not least because the copy on the packaging was nearly as entertaining as the show itself. The blurb, in particular, truly must be read aloud to be believed:

"Mild a burst of television drama gathers the market, having the new action finally the a that big and hot the United States in two years hold woman with work a life time. This set of As B Ctelevision network takes charge of the play gathers, not only playing a pair of spieses in beautifully there is all on gold ball each big prize of etc. item got ,more at one hlow held redly pressing leading lady in spirit in Chinese and English in play add ,her in this play surprised in details, act the fire explode, every kind of disguise the foppery pattern 100 out but its in evil in the night of of performance same not to has plande to regard evil the girlfriend of in night as the leading role to the movie company another clap a female hero slice."

In fact, this text is so convoluted, it's just possible that it's actually some kind of spy code that we are meant to decipher, in order to join the hidden echelons of the secret world order. If only I could figure out what "foppery pattern 100" is supposed to mean, I'm sure I could become "another clap a female hero slice"...
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