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Friday, February 13, 2004

Today is BLAME SOMEONE ELSE DAY, which I think is a totally unnecessary holiday, since I know people who go around blaming other people for their problems all year long. Hmph!

Tomorrow, tomorrow...
... is Sage's birthday! She'll be two years old.

It's also going to be Valentine's Day, but anyone with a drop of sense will avoid the mad restaurant rush and go out tonight or the night after instead. Dean and I are going to dinner this evening and exchanging presents (which, natch, we already know all about) and whispering all the sweet nothings and stuff, because we plan to spend tomorrow catering to our daughter's every whim. (So don't be surprised if we're both brain-dead in our next posts!)

In the past, we used to hold pot-luck parties for our single friends. We'd all sit around playing games, pigging out, and watching the least romantic movies we could get our hands on. It was our little way of 'sharing the love', but it's not really viable now with a two-year-old tromping around our apartment. "So when did we stop?" Dean asked me. "When we spent Valentine's two years ago in the hospital, giving birth," I replied...

in the news today
An Indian bride named Jayalakshmi called off her wedding at the altar when her husband-to-be demanded a motorbike as yet another part of the dowry... then she turned right around and married one of the guests instead!

Jayalakshmi's mother claimed that the groom's demands had been steadily growing since their engagement last September. "They did not ask for anything initially," she said, "but later (they) demanded gold, cash, furniture, and a motorbike."

When Jayalaksmi-- apparently fed up with the groom's demands-- nixed the deal, a wedding guest offered to marry her, and she readily accepted. After all, she had to do something with all that gold, cash, and furniture, didn't she?

Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day? (It's not just because it's Sagey's birthday... though it could be!)

answer to yesterday's question
Dolphins do sleep, but half their brains remain conscious even in slumber; otherwise, wholly unconscious, they would sink to the bottom of the sea and drown. So they literally sleep with one eye open, swimming in circles with the open eye facing the exterior of the circle to keep watch for predators. After a certain amount of time, they reverse and swim in the opposite direction, with the other eye now open and the other half of the brain now on the alert. Whales, also being mammals, do the same thing.

Dolphin hoots and whistles to Charles for being wholly conscious of the facts!
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