Contradiction in Terms
You say to-may-toe; I say toh-mah-tah. Deal with it.
Wednesday, May 19, 2004

blind lust

(a rather perverse and un-PC entry)

Does anyone else think that having sex with a blind person would be hot? I'm sorry, it's just that I thought this was my own private peculiarity, but it turns out that Andrew happens to share it. So I wondered if maybe it isn't as strange as it sounds.

I mean, just imagine being touched by someone for whom touch is such a primary sense. Imagine their fingers, sensitive and questing and knowing and sure, all at the same time. Imagine how their lips would explore you, inch by inch, staking their claim on a journey of tactile discovery. Imagine how every gasp, every moan, every whimper would mean something, would speak volumes. Imagine them learning the scent of your skin, the sound and feel and taste of you, all the secret signals that make you quiver and arch and writhe. Imagine them doing it again and again again, until you, too, are sightless and senseless and mindless with delight and desire and despair.

Now go and find yourself a blindfold.

Grammar and Punctuation: whom
'Whom' is a word that has fallen largely out of use these days, probably because its usage appears dauntingly complex. But it's actually rather simple-- 'whom' is a pronoun analogous to 'him' or 'her', while 'who' correlates to 'he' or 'she'.

As in the following cases:
Fantasia is the contestant who I hope will be chosen. (I hope she will be chosen.)
Fantasia is the contestant whom I hope they choose. (I hope they choose her.)

Also, any time the pronoun 'who' is linked with a preposition, it should be changed to 'whom', as in the famous For Whom the Bell Tolls (because, if you analyze it, you can't say "for he the bell tolls", but you can say "for him the bell tolls). Get it? Got it? Good.
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