Contradiction in Terms
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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Today is not a holiday of any sort. Which is apropos, since I'm spending my birthday working!

birthday blitz
Got a stack of presents at midnight from my darling husband and my so-sweet in-laws. Dean got me a printer (at laaahst!)-- which I pretended to know nothing about even though I partially watched him set it up-- and a lovely necklace-and-pendant set. Particularly disturbing was the pair of leopard-print bras I received from Dean's mom. I dunno, maybe it's just me, but when your mother-in-law starts trying to sexify you, it just seems like it's time to start worrying...

in the news today
43-years-strong couple Barbie and Ken have officially broken up. According to dollmaker Mattel at last week's Toy Fair, the pair feels that "it's time to spend some quality time-- apart." Mattel representatives would neither confirm nor deny whether the dissolution of the relationship has anything to do with the latest member of the Barbie line, newly-launched Australian surfer doll Blaine.

Honestly, first Nancy Drew dumped Ned Nickerson, then there was that rumor that Ernie and Bert were gay, and now this. Is nothing sacred?

Who are 'The Lovers of the Stinky Rose'?

answer to Tuesday's question
Famous Hollywood hoofers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers had it written in their contracts that they were not permitted to dance together in public. It's not that they didn't want to; for some strange reason, they weren't allowed to. It's speculated that the movie studios didn't want the public to be disillusioned upon discovering that, in fact, the dancing duo could not actually dance on chairs or in air. Interestingly, Astaire's favorite dancing partner was not Rogers, but rather, fellow danseur Gene Kelly. Now, isn't that toe-tappingly intriguing?

Congratulations to Alex for being right in step; and a Smartypants Award to Vin, for his unintentionally prescient response!
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