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Friday, January 13, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

Yes, I know this is a tad belated. Blame it on the jet lag.

1. Lose the seven pounds I gained over the holidays. Stupid American-sized food portions. Now I utterly have to do this or risk no longer being able to slip my calves into my sexy new black boots. Will go back on the diet next week (because the mango cream pie someone gave us prevents my doing it now!); am up to 60 ab crunches a day, and working up to 75.

2. Learn to juggle.* I try to learn a new skill every year, but utterly failed last year because my so-called "language learning partners" wussed out on me. Not that this qualifies as a good reason, but it's hard to learn a new language without anyone to converse with, which is why, alas, I remain unable to speak either Spanish or German. This year's project is juggling--I can already sort of do a two-ball cascade, and will be working up to three.

3. Wake up in time to give Husband his vitamin and pseudo-breakfast. Events over the course of the last couple of months have reminded me how really lucky I am with this man, so a little geisha-girl service is not out of order. Note, however, that I am fully aware of my inability to make actual breakfast (or even sense, really) before 10 a.m., and thus will not even try. I even missed the vitamin-and-O.J. yesterday. Not a good sign for this resolution's longevity.

4. Fix my blog and those of my flock (Y'all know who you are) to work in more screen resolutions. The funny thing that happens with Blogger's search bar in 800x600 resolution is screwing with my designs, though of course Dean claims no one but Vin uses 800x600 anymore. (Constant Readers, is this so?!) Dean himself uses this insanely high resolution on his teeny-weeny new laptop, which makes the blogs look strange and incomplete. In the words of a cinematic Roman Emperor, "it vexes me".

And we do not wish to spend the entire year vexed, now do we?
*Why juggling, you ask? Because I'm hoping it will build up my physical and--being a sort of Zen-like activity--mental dexterity. Besides, here I am, a wife, mother, writer, etc., etc.--with all that juggling, how hard can the actual physical act be? In the words of Terry Pratchett, "it's just a matter of comprehending where everything needs to be." Heh.
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