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Thursday, December 01, 2005

To my Husband on our Tenth

Do you remember when we moved back into my family's old house, and they cut off the electricity because it turned out my father hadn't paid the damn bill in ten frickin' years? We also had no phone because he hadn't paid those bills either, and we had to pay people to deliver us water because there simply was no running water.

For part of a month, we had no shower, no phone, no TV, no computer, no airconditioning, no electric fan, not even a light to read by at night... so we explored new ways of making love in the heat and the dark and the silence.

I know I hated it then, but now, around eight years later, I know I can endure heat and dark and silence. I can endure just about anything, anywhere, anywhen, as long as you're with me.
Whither thou goest, there will I go. Whither thou lodgest, there will I lodge. Thy people shall be my people.
Happy Anniversary, my one, my only, my own.
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