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Friday, October 21, 2005

Tech Talk

I found a new widget for my blog. It's a ranking system, but instead of rating your blog's popularity, like most, it instead measures technical performance, including load speed, design logic, coding standards, marketing, and so on.

You probably think you don't care about that kind of stuff, but you should! Three reasons why:

1. Because we all love validation, and that's exactly what this is. Don't tell me you don't care--why else do you allow comments on your blog, hmm? 'Fess up! But more importantly...

2. Whatever the reason is that you actually keep a blog, you wouldn't be posting your personal whatevers online if you didn't want them to be read, right? Now the thing is, your computer keeps a cached version of the websites you visit most, which most likely includes your blog. This means that, while your blog may display itself with perfect obedience on your own system, it's possible that other people may not be able to view your blog properly or at all. Silktide's Sitescore will give you an accurate picture of whether or not your blog is working the way you want it to.

3. It will also tell you how you can improve your blog, which hopefully will also improve your readership and Nikki's life. What do I mean? Some of you--and you may not know who you are--have incredibly slow-loading blogs, and it is only for love of you and your work that I and others like me endure the waiting time necessary before we can actually read your stuff. Now people who don't know you or the quality of your work may well just quit before your blog ever even shows up onscreen. You don't want this to happen, right? You also don't want people to be turned off by a messy layout or a tiny snippet of code that doesn't work and somehow affects the entire shebang.*

So what are you waiting for? Click this link and get your blog validated now! You'll get a nifty button like this to display proudly (or not so) on your sidebar.
I got a rating of 8.2 out of 9.something. Contradiction in Terms was ranked "excellent" in most categories, "good" in a few, and "poor" in Features--because they tell me they've detected profanity within my web pages.

What, me? Are those shitty assholes trying to fucking tell me I have a goddamned foul mouth!? The dickheads!

*You probably don't need to worry about any of this if your blog was designed by me. But do the Sitescore test anyway so you will appreciate my fabulousness anew. Heh.
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