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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Peppered Fishballs

Is this not the cutest t-shirt design ever? It's called "Fish Ball Deluxe", and was created by my friend Pepper Roxas (whom I know I've never talked to y'all about before, but she's an awesome artist and an awesome person) for a contest over at Threadless.

Basically, people vote for the t-shirt design of their choice, and the design with the most votes gets turned into an actual line of t-shirts. Which means that if Pepper wins, you can get your very own trio of anthropomorphic fishball heads to wear, Froudly Filifino in a cool, uber-cute kind of way. (But I get mine first 'cause she's my friend and not yours, nyah-nyah-nyah!)

Click this link to see Fish Ball Deluxe in a bigger format, close up. And if you like it, please do vote!
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