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Monday, December 12, 2005

Let's Do Launch

Hell of a day last Saturday! I had to get up at the crack of six a.m. (at which time, I have often reiterated, I am barely human, let alone sentient). But it was for dear friends' Kate and Alex's wedding, so I was willing to make the heroic sacrifice to see them get hitched at last (and make sure neither of them went screaming off into the hills due to stress-induced insanity!). And it was in the hills, too--the wilds of Tandang Sora. (My husband maintains that any environs beyond Makati and Quezon Circle are considered out of town, in Alfar perception.)

Dean and I were candle sponsors, which meant I got treated to an absolutely gorgeous champagne-gold gown (I felt like Belle in Beauty and the Beast) and had to slather on full makeup for the first time in years. Evidently, I still know how to do it, as several people asked where I "had my face done," ha! But everything--the early-morning call, the fussy gussying-up, and the looong taxi trip--was completely worth it, as the wedding was absolutely beautiful (You should see this Fernwood place--it's a civilized rendition of tropical paradise); the food was absolutely, absolutely scrumptious; and Alex and Kate absolutely, absolutely, absolutely deserve each other and all the happiness in the world. (And not just because they thoughtfully picked a venue where I could smoke at will.)

Then it was back home for a quick change so we could help set things up for our triple book launch at Fully Booked Greenhills. As I loftily informed my husband, it's not every woman who can go from piss-elegant to hoisting massive cartons of books in a matter of minutes, but hey, check out the blog title, y'know? So I womanfully helped get the books where they needed to be; lent a hand setting up the tables and displays; and pretended to be laying out the food while actually wolfing down about a quarter of the amazingly delish Oreo polvorons graciously prepared by Camy's mom. (Mrs. Francisco, I still want to order some for Christmas!)

The point of the launch was to release Dean's prose anthology--Philippine Speculative Fiction--and the comic book anthologies Siglo: Passion and Project: Hero to the reading public for adulation or crucifixion, as the case may be. The guys decided that the overall theme for the event was "sense of wonder", though of course the grammarian in me thinks that we really should have labeled it "Comics have colons in the title while prose does not."

Anyway. I contributed to all three projects, so by the end of the night, my fountain pen and I were worn out from signing multiple copies of book, graphic novel, and pamphlet. My favorite part of these events is meeting people I only knew before through my blog (I'm always surprised to learn it's them, too, 'cause I suck at recognizing people from photos), so a big "hi again" to everyone who kindly dropped by and a zillion thanks to everyone who bought some of our paper children. Special thanks go out to Jeremy, Tom, and Rona, who came all the way from the States; and Kate and Alex, who had the overwhelming generosity to actually attend on their wedding day. ("Not that I mind, but what are you doing here?!" I demanded of them. "You should be having sex!")

I don't know what time the launch actually ended, but it was late enough that we were all brain-dead and starving, despite Mrs. Francisco's munchies. We decided to eat dinner at Tender Bob's, and my friend Dino asked me what kind of restaurant this Tender Bob's is.

"It's like--" I tried. "They have-- It's known for-- " I gave up on trying to make my rotisseried neurons fire. "Uh, meat." Like I said when someone actually suggested we wear our wedding attire to the launch, the spirit was willing, but by eleven, the dress was weak.
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